Why Choose YITA


York Industrial Trades Academy is a Trades school located in Vaughan, Ontario, created and started by Burnco Manufacturing recognized as one of Canada’s premier fabricators. Burnco Manufacturing brings over 20 years of experience as a structural steel fabricator and erector.

With over a quarter of a million tons of steelwork to our credit and proudly contributing to landmarks like the Air Canada Centre and the Peace Bridge.

As an experienced and trusted manufacturer and fabricator, Burnco long ago recognized a growing need in the market, and created an academy to train the next generation of skilled tradespeople.

The York Industrial Trades Academy (YITA) educates and trains tomorrow’s tradespeople so that they can succeed in the current market.

Students get the opportunity to not only learn from licensed professionals in a steel manufacturing facility but they get to work side-by-side with their instructors on real projects, instead of a simulation of the work environment. By doing so, YITA ensures that tradespeople are ready to confidently step into the industry.


What You Get From YITA

• Hands on experience working side-by-side with instructors on real projects.

• A 12 week condensed program
• Graduate CBW qualified
• 9 out of 10 graduates have found full time jobs within 6 months of graduation
• Step into the industry with confidence

CWB Qualified Welders

First, we recognize there is a shortage of newly trained and qualified welders here in Ontario. We opened a school specifically able to meet this need. New students to welding or a seasoned welder looking to update with the latest methods and technology is welcome to learn from our experienced trades professionals, and guest lecturers from the industry.

The Academy is dedicated to excellence in training and welding expertise

Students are educated in the use and application of welding technologies through hands-on instruction and supplied materials on welding training. Also, the technical trade programs are designed for the students to ensure success for everyone who is committed to learning.

The curriculum is developed to meet the needs of students enrolled during each course. This ensures that you will have the skills needed to move forward in your career. Because we listen to the industry and encourage input on the courses offered we  deliver a program best-suited to offer you a successful career and future.

We will:

  • Identify your needs and recommend the appropriate learning programs to meet your needs
  • Be a leader in welding and CNC training
  • Work to support every student while here at YITA and beyond
  • Deliver a better future here at York Industrial Trades Academy

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